Debt cases

Your German client forgot to pay you? We offer our service helping you toget your money. We give you informationen about the costs of the debt proceeding. This business amounts to about 40 % of all cases we're busy with, so we have enough experience to help you. Debt cases can be accompanied by your company lawyer / attorney.

Please do not hesitate to ask us.

German civil law is in a very certain point different to regulations of many other countries: The debtor is obliged to pay not only the original debt but also interest rates and all other expenses you have had because of the debt. This means for you that the debtor has to pay back all of our fees.
Yet there is still a risk: If the debt cannot be encashed the fees must be charged to you. Still so, we made the experience that it pays to try again after waiting some years. The debt title is valid for thirty years!