Traffic accidents

This part of our business is interesting for you if you or one of your cars of your company has a traffic accident in Germany. We help you beginning to inform you about your rights, we claim the damage to the insurance company of your traffic opponent, we order experts to check your car and calculate the damage.

Don't let the opposite insurance company deal your damage; they keep their interests in mind but not yours!

We know how to successfully bring your claims in Germany. We are practising mainly in the area of damage regulation including personal injury law.

There are two circumstances when you / your client should consider instructing us. These are when the accident happened, or the Defendant resides, in Germany. We should be instructed as soon as possible after the accident. Any delay might be crucial as importang evidence could be lost. You might be tempted to do some initial work on the file. Perhaps in order to oblige your client or maybe to build up some fees which could be charged at a later stage. This could be a serious mistake.

In Germany our fees will be paid by the opposite insurance company if the accident is caused by the opponent.

The limits

Different countries have different rules with regards to how quickly you must commence court proceedings. These vary from one jurisdiction to the next.

In Germany a damage – including personal injury – claimant normally has three years to commence court proceedings. There are, of course, exceptions to this rule and that is why it is important to take proper legal advice on the matter.

The costs

As I mentioned above the opposite insurance company pays our fee if the accident is caused - at least partially - by your clients opponent.

There are, though, special rules for court proceedings. We will in advance tell you the risks of this step for your client. Please note that our costs are being paid by the opposite insurance company but the costs of a foreign lawyer will not or not in full amount. Ask for details!

Principal or agent

We will accept instructing us only as principals. There are two reasons why. First of all a foreign lawyer is not competent to tell us how to run a claim. They simply do not know the German law or procedures. Secondly we want to keep the strategy and tactics in our hands since our common goal should be to help the client as much as possible.